Roaming through Wales: A Camper Van Scenic Route Adventure

Roaming through Wales in a Camper Van

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure through the stunning landscapes of Wales? Grab your camper van and get ready to explore some of the most scenic routes and charming villages this beautiful country has to offer!

Why Wales?

Wales is a hidden gem in the United Kingdom, boasting a diverse range of landscapes that will take your breath away. From majestic mountains and rolling hills to picturesque coastlines and quaint villages, Wales has something for every nature lover and adventurer.

Scenic Routes to Explore

Pack your camera and get ready to embark on these scenic routes that will leave you in awe of Wales’ natural beauty:

  1. Snowdonia National Park Circuit:
    • Drive through Snowdonia National Park, a haven for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.
    • Catch stunning views of Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales, and its surrounding lakes and valleys.
    • Don’t miss the charming villages of Beddgelert and Betws-y-Coed along the way.
  2. Pembrokeshire Coast Road:
    • Experience the breathtaking coastline of Pembrokeshire.
    • Marvel at the rugged cliffs, golden beaches, and offshore islands.
    • Visit the historic town of St. Davids and explore its impressive cathedral.
  3. Brecon Beacons Loop:
    • Drive through the Brecon Beacons National Park, known for its rolling hills and stunning waterfalls.
    • Take a hike to Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales, for panoramic views.
    • Discover the charming market towns of Brecon and Crickhowell.

Charming Villages to Visit

Wales is dotted with enchanting villages that seem straight out of a storybook. Park your camper van and explore these delightful places:

  1. Hay-on-Wye:
    • Known as the “Town of Books,” Hay-on-Wye is a paradise for book lovers.
    • Explore the numerous independent bookshops and attend the famous Hay Festival if you’re lucky.
  2. Portmeirion:
    • This unique Italian-style village will transport you to the Mediterranean.
    • Enjoy a leisurely stroll through colorful buildings, gardens, and a sandy beach.
  3. Conwy:
    • Encircled by ancient walls, Conwy is a medieval gem.
    • Visit Conwy Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and take a walk on its town walls.

Practical Tips for Camper Van Travel

Here are some handy tips to make your camper van journey in Wales smooth and enjoyable:

  • Campsites and Facilities: Research and book campsites in advance, especially during peak seasons. Look for sites with essential facilities like electricity hookups, water supply, and waste disposal.
  • Weather Precautions: Wales’ weather can be unpredictable. Pack clothing for all seasons and be prepared for rain, even in summer.
  • Driving: Some rural roads in Wales can be narrow and winding. Take your time, and drive carefully, especially in less populated areas.
  • Respect Nature: While exploring the countryside, be mindful of the environment and wildlife. Leave no trace and follow the countryside code.
  • Local Cuisine: Try traditional Welsh dishes like Welsh rarebit, cawl (soup), and bara brith (fruit loaf) to savor the local flavors.


Wales is a camper van paradise, offering incredible landscapes and charming villages that will make your journey truly memorable. So pack your bags, fuel up your camper van, and get ready to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Wales! Happy travels!